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Microsoft Begs Users to Stop Using IE6

It's not me asking you for this favor, it's Microsoft. the company's IE6 Countdown page is the latest and most creative approach to encourage users to drop IE6 (albeit not as creative as offering spoiled milk to IE6 users a few months ago.)

As we approach the introduction of IE9 later this month, Microsoft tells us the global usage of IE6 is now down to 12.0%. A closer look reveals that usage in North America and Europe is almost negligible, while there is a huge user base in Asia, especially in China. 34.5% of Chinese Internet users browse the web with IE6. For some reason, Microsoft wants to get IE6 usage share down to 1% and asks people to tell their Twitter friends that it is time to drop IE6.

Personally, I am not quite sure, why Microsoft would want people to leave IE6 behind and upgrade to IE7 or IE8 - an upgrade to IE9 is somewhat unlikely as China has a high share of Windows XP users and they simply can't upgrade to IE9 as the OS does not support the new browser. A motivation would be a faster upgrade cycle down the road of these users down the road; however, both IE7 and IE8 do not feature automated upgrades either and Microsoft may be stuck with IE8 users in a few years the same way as it is now with IE6 users.

The anti-IE6 campaign is almost comical at this point. Microsoft, if you are offering a great browser for all users, they will happily drop IE6. Seriously.