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iDongle Easily Jailbreaks Your iPhone

Looking to jailbreak your iPhone but just don't want to deal with the possibly of bricking the device? Join the club. This new hardware-based jailbreaking device promises to make the transition easy.

Called the iDongle, it boasts the ability to jailbreak and activate an iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch running OS 3.1.2. Users simply plug the device into the dock connector. No computer connection is needed. It can even boot your current jailbroken device (tethered boot) if it's stuck in "recovery mode."

The drawback to the iDongle is that there's a limited supply. "For now, I only have a dozen of (working) prototype," said the iDongle's creator. "I need to raise some minimal funds to start manufacturing them in quantities, to lower the price as much as possible for the community."

While the idea is great, the developer may eventually suffer a legal wrath from Apple similar to the lawsuit raged by Nintendo in its fight against R4 mod chip piracy. Nintendo eventually won its battle, collecting over half a million dollars from an Australian company that distributed the Nintendo DS mod chip.