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MMS Coming to Nervous AT&T Tomorrow

When the new iPhone OS 3.0 rolled out earlier this year, consumers were annoyed that AT&T wasn't ready to handle the phone's new MMS feature. The company thus relented with an update, saying that MMS would be available by the "end of the summer." As the end approached, we wondered if AT&T would fail to deliver just as it did during the iPhone OS 3.0 launch. AT&T eventually edited its forecast, narrowing it down to a precise September 25 launch... tomorrow.

So is AT&T living up to its word? According to the company's Facebook page (which is probably secretly collecting your personal data--see our earlier post), the MMS launch is still on schedule. "We know you’ve been eager for this service so we wanted to offer a quick update on the launch plans for MMS on Friday, Sept. 25," the page reads. "Late morning, Pacific Time, on Friday, the new carrier settings update enabling MMS should be live and ready download through iTunes. We’ll provide the steps and all of the details you need right here at that time."

Tomorrow will certainly be a big day for iPhone consumers and AT&T alike. claims that insiders involved with AT&T's MMS support launch have noticed that everyone is "highly anxious." The company is scrambling to get the infrastructure revamped to handle the "added strain" MMS support will impose on AT&T's systems.

But AT&T is already experiencing "record traffic during peak hours of the night" just with those users selected for testing the upcoming service. A nervous AT&T has requested that its MMS aggregator partners provide hourly updates on any message delays or problems. Despite AT&T's efforts to look pretty with the media as of late, DSLReports points out that the company needs a smooth MMS launch to keep the currently-annoyed iPhone users happy.

  • fonzy
    AT&T = one big pile of fail.
  • nun
    is the mms going to be included with our texting or data plan?
  • Never got a dropped call on my current phone (3GS), and the data transfer speed is not an issue. I think it's the area I live at, few people are using AT&Ts network here. I feel sorry for any New Yorkers/concentrated population cities.
  • r0x0r
    MMS...Welcome to 2004
  • pakardbell486dx2
    I am very sure they will make this into an excuse to charge a lot more on MMS or offer it as an extra data plan on top of your current data plan
  • pocketdrummer
    nunis the mms going to be included with our texting or data plan?
    It F****ing better...
  • abbadon_34
    My god I can't believe they still don't MMS.
  • Manos
    No, MMS doesnt count as text msg on the cell. Sorry for bringing you the bad news. An MMS has NOTHING at all actually to do with text msg or you would stick with that. And its odd. We have been using MMS in Greece for more than 5 years now I think... The services when it comes to Greece though are very expensive to even just talk on a cell neither there are free days or free nights to call here. Yup, I know it sucks :P
  • endif
    Now when will they support tethering?
  • djinfinity
    so far mms seems to be working for me. ATT sent out a mass text stating to sync Iphone then restart it to take advantage of mms. I did that, but then it took over 10 tries to actually get a pix to send without failing. hopefully that was jst the initial overload from lauch though unacceptable, I would understand since everyone probably tried at around the same time. How has others experience been?