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iPad Thieves Target NYC Apple Store

Apple this week announced that it has sold three million iPads since the device first launched. However, it seems there are a few iPads unaccounted for as thieves are targeting one New York Apple store and stealing the tablets right off the delivery truck. Things have gotten so bad that even store employees aren't allowed to know delivery times anymore.

The New York Post reports that the Apple store on the Upper West Side has had thieves pilfer iPads from delivery trucks on at least two occasions last week. The first instance occurred last Tuesday at about 10 in the morning while the delivery driver was stacking boxes outside his truck. A thief, described as being hispanic, grabbed a box of five iPads and made off down 67th street.

Two days later, two more men pulled something similar in front of the very same store. According to police, the UPS driver was putting boxes on a handtruck when someone asked him for directions. While he was distracted, the second man grabbed a box of five iPads and made off on foot, heading south on Broadway. The UPS driver said the second man was Hispanic, measured about 5-foot-10 and weighed roughly 175 pounds.