iOS Official Pokédex Costs $26 to Catch 'Em All

Want to catch 'em all on your shiny new iOS Pokédex? Now you can… for the low price of $26.

The official Pokédex app for iOS, released in Japan a month ago, has finally reached western shores. The app itself costs $1.99, but there's a caveat. The initial purchase only includes Pokémon from #497-647. Still, that's nothing to scoff at, considering the app includes in depth information on every single one of them, including type, abilities, and where they can be found.

Other Pokédexes of past Pokémon generations can be purchased… for $5.99 each, oddly three times as much as the app itself. That figures out to be about $26 for the entire bundle.

While there are some enthusiasts that are sure to purchase all the Pokédexes, $26 be damned, it's a strange move on Nintendo's part. Everything included in the official Pokédex app can be found for free on the 3DS as Pokédex 3D and there are multitudes of knock-off alternatives that offer just as much for as little as free ninety-nine.

The official Pokédex app can be purchased here on the iTunes App Store.


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  • sundragon
    Do kids even play Pokémon today?

    Waiting for some negative Apple comment...

    Sent from my Nexus 7
  • deftonian
    sundragonWaiting for some negative Apple comment... 7
    Apple blows.

    There... didn't want to disappoint :p
  • sundragon
    deftonianApple blows.There... didn't want to disappoint
    LOL, predictable - I'm just surprised it wasn't the first comment :)
  • seriousgamer
    "as much for as little as free ninety-nine."

    Lol? Typo?
  • merikafyeah
    My Pokemon days stopped after FireRed. Ah, good times with the ol' GBA.
  • joytech22
    OR... You could download 2-3 different pokedex apps that give you details on all of them anyway and for free.
  • The_Trutherizer
    Well it's as with everything Apple related if you ask me...
  • madjimms
    Wait, hold it... Something is VERY wrong.

    Zak, are you still alive?
  • kinggraves
    sundragonDo kids even play Pokémon today?
    Someone still plays it, their latest versions are still selling.

    Not surprising at all on Nintendo's part. Why would you release an affordable app for a competing platform? Now they can officially go "You can pay $26 to have it on iOS, or you can get a 3ds and have it for free."

    But if you want a justification for the high price, Game Freak does not usually develop for iOS, their usual platform is the DS Dev kit. The added expense is them having to learn the new platform.
  • amdwilliam1985
    merikafyeahMy Pokemon days stopped after FireRed. Ah, good times with the ol' GBA.
    Same here, I still have FireRed and my GBA somewhere in my bottom drawer. Maybe it's time for another round of pokemons.