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1.76 Billion iOS, Android Apps Downloaded Last Week of 2012

The last week of 2012 experienced a considerable increase in the number of apps downloaded by iOS and Android users.

Data research firm Flurry Analytics revealed that from December 25 through December 31, 1.76 billion applications were downloaded by iOS and Android users, representing an increase of 65 percent when compared to the weekly average of 1.07 billion between December 4 and December 17.

604 million of the apps were downloaded in the U.S. last week, followed by China with 183 million downloads. The U.K. came in at third with 132 million downloads.

On Christmas day, meanwhile, a total of 328 million applications were downloaded across both Apple and Google's mobile operating systems. December 25 saw users downloading 20 million apps per hour, which is an increase of more than double their daily December average.

As for hardware, Flurry found that on Christmas day, 17.4 million iOS and Android devices were activated. More than 50 million iOS and Android devices were activated during the last week of 2012.

Flurry expects that more than 1 billion apps will be downloaded on a weekly basis until some point during the fourth quarter, which is when it believes iOS and Android app downloads will cumulatively reach the 2 billion mark each week.

Flurry's data derives from analysis it conducted on more than 260,000 applications available on iOS and Android. It claims that it detects 90 percent of all new devices activated each day, with its analytics service for developers running on more than one-quarter of the apps downloaded on a daily basis on Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace. To maximize reliability, all of that data is subsequently compared to publicly available figures released by Apple and Google.


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