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How to Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage

Love it or hate it, Google makes the Internet a pretty convenient place. Take Google Drive, for example, which lets you create and upload whatever files you wish, then share them with the proper audience. If you're a heavy Drive user, you know that storage space can dry up pretty quickly. Luckily, Google is offering an additional 2 GB to all users today, and all they have to do is complete a quick security checkup.

To claim your storage space, simply follow the link to Google's Security Checkup. From there, you'll have to input a fair amount of information: a recovery phone number (which you'll have to verify via SMS), a secondary e-mail address, and a security question (like "What is your mother's maiden name?"). Users should be warned that this is not necessarily information you'll want Google to have, and may not be worth the 2 GB storage.

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Next, you'll have to check a list of devices connected to your account. (If you've recently changed your password or two-step verification settings, you may get an additional screen about that. Just click past it if you have, and say that it looks suspicious if you haven't.) Assuming that the device logins look familiar, you can click "Looks good," or select "Something looks wrong" if not.

Finally, the Security Checkup will ask you to look over programs that you've given permission to access parts of your Google account. This could include Android games, chat programs or other miscellaneous services. As long as there's nothing malicious, you can proceed; otherwise, you can remove access.

Click on Done, and that's it. Google will give you a link to learn more about Safer Internet Day 2016 (sadly, it doesn't include any information on why its organizers couldn't think up a snappier name) and inform you that it has added 2 GB storage to your Drive.

You can use the additional free storage for e-mail, documents, sharing questionably legal videos with your friends or simply let it sit there, content in the fact that your Google account is (probably) secure from attackers. Google does not specify how long the promotion will last, but last year, it was only a two-week offer, so sooner is probably better than later.