HKS Racing Controller Features Driving Control

Most gamers never put down money for racing game peripherals, but that stance may change with the HKS Racing Controller by Eagle3. The HKS is fundamentally a modified PS3 controller with driving-friendly analog controls.

Replacing the d-pad on the left side is a steering jog dial of sorts, which allows users more accurate control over their virtual car's direction. Over on the right side are tiny push pedals that replace the square and X buttons, acting as the brake and accelerator respectively. On the center is a LED display that shows the degree of braking or acceleration.

Using a normal PS3 controller to play a racing game usually limits the player's options, as they have to repetitively tap buttons to gradually turn the car and apply power to navigate those corners as fast as possible. The HKS Racing Controller seeks to address these drawbacks by providing controls that are close representations of the real thing—in a more compact single controller form factor.

Eagle3's offering may very well provide racing game players more realistic handling over their dream car. It may not feel as satisfying as the full steering wheel and pedal set. Yet at a reported price of less than $55 (the price of a regular PS3 controller), the HKS Racing Controller is definitely a more affordable option.

E3 2010: Playstation 3 HKS Racing Controller By Eagle3

  • jdog2pt0
  • wonspur
    not a bad alternative, im still gonna buy a wicked nice set up for gran turismo 5 when it comes out after the apocalypse
  • Yuka
    No XBox love, HKS? 8(

  • evilshuriken
    I was hoping this was some badass steering wheel and pedal set :(
  • anamaniac
    evilshurikenI was hoping this was some badass steering wheel and pedal setModify a cheap steering wheel, pedals and a controller together then?
  • kin3000
    Pretty innovative product. I might give it a try.
  • tosvus
    Actually looks pretty nifty!
  • Take out the throttle/braking digital readout display and lower the price to 29.99 or 39.99 Then it would sell like crazy. In Gran Turismo, we already have the throttle,brake, steering input already on the screen, where were supposed to be looking anyway...