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Google's Halloweenify Plays Trick or Treat on Your Pics

It’s Halloween, otherwise known as the holiday where adults get to pretend they are kids again and kids get to be anyone else. Google wants in on the fun with a new treat that will “Halloweenify” your photos.

To make this work, you need to have some photos on Google+. You can either upload new pics or choose from any previous shots. From there you have two choices, try a fun effect that will turn you into something cute like a kitten or pumpkin, or a spooky option that transforms people into a zombie or scary skeleton.

Observe this photo of a pleasant autumn day out picking apples.

And watch it Turn into something much more sinister as our happy-go-lucky crew suddenly joins the ranks of the walking dead. Here's how to make it work for you.

1. Go to This will open your Google+ photo page. 

2. Click either "Try a fun effect" or "Try a spooky effect." The first will add a cat face to your pictures or some other silly overlay. The latter will put a filter on your photos.

3. When you select an image and the change will take effect immediately. You can then share those photos via Google+.

Sam Rutherford does the Monster Mash at Tom’s Guide. Follow him @SamRutherford on Twitter and Google+. Follow us @Tom’s Guide on Facebook and Google+