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Microsoft Slings Mud at Google's New Policy with "Gmail Man"

Google's new privacy policy hasn't gone unnoticed, since sparking some controversy about how much the search giant will know about you.

Microsoft has seen this as a prime opportunity to pounce on the offensive, kicking up some dirt towards Google's way in a new ad campaign. Through its social media channels, however, Microsoft has catapulted mud straight towards Google.

Microsoft posted to its YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages a video originally made for the company's internal Global Exchange sales conference last summer. Now it's been officially promoted as another poke towards Google's new privacy policy.


Of course, this video aims to create fear for Gmail users. Google addresses some of these concerns in its FAQ:

Is Google reading my mail?

While Google's system of parsing email text to create ad relevancy isn't new, the question now is how that data will be used across the company's other services.

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