Google Releases Earth 7 With New 3D Image Data

The sightseeing tours are now integrated as flyover movies inside Earth. The user can also access Wikipedia and image data to learn more about a particular destination. However, the much more interesting part is the replacement of the old 3D structures including buildings and trees with new 3D image data. The option is selected by default, but may not find many friends in this version.

While cities look impressive from afar, the quality of the data is not consistent. For example, Chicago downtown is rendered nicely, even with clearly displayed trees surrounding Buckingham Fountain. However, we noticed that especially trees are mostly rendered as ugly blocks that may have been better left out of this update. This shot shows Palos Verdes in California:

My hometown of Munich, Germany also did not get much love from the Earth team so far. The 3D data looks promising from a distance. However, zooming in reveals a rather messy environment.

Surprisingly, San Francisco also does not show itself from its best side. Below is a shot of the Palace of Fine Arts, with the current image from iOS 6 Maps beneath.

From Google Earth 7From Google Earth 7

From Apple Maps Flyover in iOS6From Apple Maps Flyover in iOS6

In most cases the legacy 3D data is much more appealing at this point. Fortunately, the new 3D view can be disabled via Tools/Options/Use 3D Imagery.


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  • jimjam_05
    What app did you use to create those images. using google earth on a computer or android it looks nothing like what you've put up. The trees look fine the buildings are not distorted.
  • greghome Apple Maps.....
  • southernshark
    Looks like some kind of map app that Apple would make.

    Not very good, in other words.