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Google Releases Chrome 10

Even if Google says that version number do not really matter anymore, Chrome 10 is a big deal.  It comes with 23 security fixes and is the first final browser version that integrates GPU acceleration. There is also sandboxed Flash, tabbed settings, out-of-date plug-in reporting, background web apps as well as the Crankshaft JavaScript compiler. Overall, it’s a dramatically faster browser than Chrome 9.   

The developer channel has been updated to version 11.0.696.0 and is several versions ahead of the stable versions as far as the JavaScript engine is concerned. There is also a new tab UI and new tab features and prevent users from opening a new tab with the same URL if that same tab already exists.

It has been quite a busy day as Microsoft confirmed the March 14 release date of IE9 and Mozilla released the first release candidate of Firefox RC. ConceivablyTech recently ran an article that compared the performance of Firefox 4 RC1 and IE9 RC, which indicates that IE9 has the edge in hardware acceleration and Firefox 4 RC1 is ahead in JavaScript performance.