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Brillo and Weave Bring Android to Smart Homes

At his keynote speech at Google I/O, senior VP Sundar Pichai today (May 28) unveiled Brillo and Weave, the company's Internet of Things platform and language for connecting the digital world, respectively. Referencing the Smart Home, agricultural farmers and public transit, Pichai's presentation on Brillo and Weave shows the scale of Google’s IoT aspirations.

Brillo, named as such because it is “a polished down version” of Android, retains only the necessary parts of Google’s mobile platform. Meant to work with as many devices as possible, Brillo will have minimal system requirements, support of a wide variety of technology and  will have simple and easily implemented security. It appears to support WiFi and Bluetooth, amongst other protocols.

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But for your oven and refrigerator to be accessed by your smart phone, Google has a way to Weave them all together. Weave will allow you to give granular commands to your smart home gadgets, or any other Brillo-loaded devices. Offering developer APIs and cross-platform support, Weave looks to give everybody the ability to work with Google’s vision of the Internet of Things.

Early release dates have been announced, with a developer preview of Brillo due in Q3 2015, and a full stack release of Weave slated for Q4 2015.

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