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Fired Google Employee was Apple Engineer

Remember the employee who was fired for leakingGoogle’s company-wide salary increase and $1000 bonus? Circumstantial evidence identifies him as Randy Wigginton, a former Apple engineer.

Various signs point to Wigginton as the one held responsible by Google for the leak: the engineer’s LinkedIn account states that his employment with Google ended during November 2010. A Wikipedia user who also used to work for Apple and Google edited Wigginton’s biography, indicating his employment with the latter company in the past tense. At least one source even indicates that within Google, it is “widely believed” that Wigginton was the terminated employee.

While Google did not comment on the highly-publicized termination, another source revealed the reasons behind it. Because the $1000 bonus was paid in cash, the company was worried that the leak would expose its employees to muggers. “The leaker directly disobeyed repeated and very explicit instructions from the top, not to leak this bonus news prematurely before evening when all workers were home safe” said the source.

As Apple employee #6, Wigginton was involved with early software development efforts, and wrote the software controller for the company’s first disk drive. When Gawker emailed Steve Wozniak for comment, the Apple co-founder had this to say: “Google is a proponent of 'open' source? This is minor enough that a wrist slap would be more appropriate.”

  • Trashit
    Muggers...or Tax Office?
    nvm :P
  • TemjinGold
    Why is it paid in cash? Google doing a little tax evasion?
  • wfrantz
    Paid in cash because it's a bonus they don't want their employees to have to pay taxes on it!
  • formin
    something sounds fishy ..... hope google doesnt think they are bigger then the law now
  • cookoy
    because the bonus is $1000 with taxes to be shouldered by Google
  • wotan31
    TrashitMuggers...or Tax Office?nvmWhat's the difference?
  • Silmarunya
    1) Google evades tax, something you can't tolerate, period. Taxes are high enough as they are, but you can't even think about lowering them further if big companies try to evade them. Perhaps if all those gray zone things like cash bonuses, tax credits and other tricks were removed from the tax code, you could significantly lower taxes without having to cut the amount of services the state provides.

    2) So what if he worked at Apple? If that's really the reason, which I doubt, Google was childish to fire him (unless he took part in industrial espionage, but then he'd have received a police visit by now)
  • aaron88_7
    wotan31What's the difference?Stole the thought right out of my mind! I used to get bonuses with a previous employer and the tax rate was about 40%. That means a $1000 bonus comes to a meager $600 with 400 going to uncle sam.

    If I wanted to give my employees a special bonus I sure as hell wouldn't want uncle sam receiving half of it. It's a bonus for a reason, it shouldn't be taxed any more than regular income but it is, unfortunately.
  • tsnorquist
    Definitely doing some tax evasion. Just look what Google does with its offshore tax evasion efforts. The common guy gets taxes to death, but the big corporate companies get off scott free.
  • I love his dog.. so cute!