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Google's Android Very Buggy

San Francisco (CA) - The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a Google Android developer named Adam MacBeth, who says Google’s mobile cell phone development platform is "not ready for prime time". MacBeth reportedly spent weeks trying to develop software for the platform. He concluded, the "functionality isn’t there, is poorly documented or just doesn’t work".

Android was touted by Google as a revolution for mobile cell-phone platform development, ushering in a new era of wireless communications. Google said the software kit, as it was released, is an "early look" that was specifically designed to give developers a type of head start for the platform, which will be officially launched next year. Rick Genter, a professional software engineer, said Google’s software isn’t any worse than other software at such an early stage, and he believes Google will have plenty of time to get it ready for prime time before the official release.

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Author’s opinion
As a long-term software developer myself, it’s been my experience that the bigger the company the worse the early versions of software are in terms of proper functionality. I’ve worked on some projects that, in my professional opinion, it was absolutely amazing they worked at all. New ideas like Google’s Android are surely along those lines. And whereas this kind of early report might be a cause to keep an eye on the development, it’s very likely there’s nothing yet to worry about as these things just take time.