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The Foldable Galaxy X Is Coming (with a Catch)

Samsung is moving one step closer to that long-rumored foldable smartphone, according to a new report.

A foldable phone concept. Source:

A foldable phone concept. Source:

Samsung will begin testing a dual-screen smartphone "soon" that comes with two organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, Korea's The Investor is reporting, citing sources. The handset will come with a hinge in the middle and allow you to fold the smartphone to open and close it and interact with the two screens.

If the foldable smartphonefinds its way to store shelves, it could be known as the Galaxy X, according to the report.

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To be clear, Samsung is only requesting enough components for about 2,000 to 3,000 foldable smartphone units to see whether the handset is commercially viable. If it discovers that the smartphone works as expected and could be a commercial success, it could find its way to store shelves.

Samsung has been reportedly working on a foldable smartphone for years. And reports have been swirling over that time that the handset would make its way to customers sooner than later. Some reports had suggested the foldable handset would make its debut last year. But as time passed, those reports turned to 2017 as the most likely time.

Now, though, reports are saying that Samsung might have a different plan and is trying to determine whether it even makes sense to offer a foldable smartphone.

The company reportedly had some foldable smartphone displays on hand at Mobile World Congress in February, where it showed some industry partners how it might work. Earlier reports have said that those designs were generally well-received, prompting the company to move forward with the next phase in its plan.

That next phase appears to be testing within the company and with others the viability of offering a foldable smartphone. And if the thousands of devices Samsung makes impress folks, the company would then likely look to sell them far and wide.

Still, Samsung appears to be bullish on the handset. According to The Investor's sources, Samsung has been ramping up its research-and-development efforts on foldable smartphone designs.

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