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Soon Rent Fox DVDs From iTunes

Cupertino (CA) - The Financial Times is reporting that News Corp and Apple have inked a deal which will allow 20th Century Fox DVD titles to be downloaded for viewing through iTunes. The digital downloads will have a limited lifespan allowing only for a "renter’s experience". The news will likely be officially unveiled at Mac Expo on January 14, 2008. It is also believed this ability will be a precursor to some future deal which will allow on-demand video downloads for current titles.

In addition to viewing DVD content on your PC, the new agreement extends FairPlay DRM to operate on remote devices, like video iPods. DVD content can currently be viewed on video iPods, though it requires special software so do so and, according to the report, some studios believe it is piracy to do so.

Walt Disney is currently the only Hollywood studio selling its newer content on iTunes, though Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate all sell older content. News Corp’s deal is the first allowing users to rent content, allowing for a less expensive experience.

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