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Fitbit Force Band Recalled Due to Skin Irritation

The Force may not always be with you: Wearable fitness tech maker Fitbit is voluntarily recalling its popular Fitbit Force bands, after two percent of users reported skin irritation due to using the device.

The Force, released in Oct. 2013, is a wristband that can monitor wearers' exercise, such as steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled, as well as users' sleep cycles.

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However, in the following months, approximately 2 percent of wearers have experienced skin inflammation. An independent study commissioned by Fitbit determined that the inflammation is an allergic reaction probably caused by the nickel used in the Force, or by materials and adhesives used in the strap.

"While only a small percentage of Force users have reported any issue, we care about every one of our customers. We have stopped selling Force and are in the process of conducting a voluntary recall," Fitbit CEO James Park wrote on the company's blog.

Customers can get a full refund on their Force by calling Fitbit's support line at 888-656-6381888-656-6381 or visiting the company website's support page. Fitbit says it will send a refund check within two to six weeks. 

Fitbit is working on a hypoallergenic version of the Force, and Park also said that an announcement about a "next-generation tracker" is coming soon.

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