Firefox 5 Scheduled for June 21

In order to get its new release system on track, Mozilla adjusted its release schedule for the final version. Version 4.2a1pre, which is version 5, will be leaving mozilla-central on April 12 and enter the new "aurora" channel (previously called experimental) as version 5.0a2. The beta version (5.0) will follow five weeks later and the final version is now scheduled to be released on June 21.

We aren't quite sure whether is versioning system will be entirely applied to version 5.0, but it appears as if Mozilla is planning to use it for version 6.0, which will hit mozilla-central as version 6.0a1 on April 12. Earlier today, Mozilla also discussed a versioning system that resembled Google's system and would have resulted in a version number like this: (version 5, 4 beta releases, 55 experimental (aurora) releases and 123 mozilla-central releases.)  There may still be changes - the only thing we know for sure now is that Mozilla will drop the "pre" tag for its preview versions. 

UPDATE: Grab the download here.

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    It better have a UI that is functional like 3, or I am not coming back to it.
  • Titanius
    If you really don't like the UI for Firefox 4, you can always modify it to look as 3.x as you would like...FYI.
  • YeZ
    What's wrong with version 4? What's the point of giving it a very short lifespan...?
  • dimamu15
    LORD_ORIONIt better have a UI that is functional like 3, or I am not coming back to it.What's wrong with UI?
  • oneblackened
    Enable the menu bar if you don't like the new UI... It's basically the same thing.
  • omnimodis78
    Oh please, this new Chrome-ish version naming scheme is so melodramatic! What's wrong with simple, clear numbering? What's wrong with "5.4"? I don't much care for "" - it might be relevant for developers and testers, but what's the logic behind pushing that nonsense down the throat of users. Hmm.....I wonder how it would go off if instead of Windows 7, I would write, "Oh, I'm using "Windows 7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850" Yeah, that wouldn't go off too well, would it, and yet that's useful info to some, but not to the user. Mozilla, just keep to simple and elegant. Let google be the show off, you don't need to go that way...
  • LORD_ORIONIt better have a UI that is functional like 3, or I am not coming back to it.You're one of few.
  • murdoc
    I hope they fix the serious memory leak in version 4 with this update. I can't even use firefox right now because of it.
  • MCstrick
    LORD_ORIONIt better have a UI that is functional like 3, or I am not coming back to it.
    Just make it look like the older version. It's not that hard to do, lol. Link below for people who don't know how below to make Firefox 4 look like Firefox 3.
  • _Cubase_
    Looks like they were a little disappointed by the fact their their brand spanking new FF4 got it's ass handed to it by IE9, and are now playing the old "okay, this time we will get serious" card.