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Fallout 76 Price Drops to $35 for Cyber Monday

If you thought the Fallout 76 price drop to $40 over the Black Friday weekend was a great deal, Cyber Monday brings with it an even better bargain, as the game's price has been slashed an additional $5.

Currently, you can get a hard copy of Fallout 76 for PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon for $34.99. Normally, you'd expect to pay $60 for this game, so this deal saves you $25. Alternatively. PS4 owners can score a copy of the wildly popular game for same low price at Jet. As we note, Fallout 76 is merely a week old; it's uncommon for just-released titles to get such a big discount this soon. This new installment of Fallout 76 includes much anticipated multi-player support for open world RPG action.