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The T-Shirt that Plays its own Music

Rock Band 3 is the first rhythm game to feature keyboards as part of its plastic ensemble. ThinkGeek pays tribute to that milestone by releasing a companion piece to its playable guitar and drum shirts. Just like Rock Band's newest fake music instrument, this new shirt features a working synthesizer keyboard proudly emblazoned across the chest.

Unlike its predecessors, which featured simplified controls, the synth shirt has a real two-octave keyboard. It's got 5 samples, so you can go from classical clink of a standard piano to a more futuristic electronica vibe. It's polyphonic too, so have no fear of cranking out a few chords.

For output, the shirt comes with a retro-styled amp which you can hang from the pocket of your denim or tight leather pants. You can also adjust tone and volume, all the way up to 11.

[source: ThinkGeek]