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You Can Now Watch Pro Counter-Strike on Twitter

Not to be outdone by real sports, the world of livestreamed eSports is officially headed to Twitter. Professional Counter-Strike broadcasting group ELeague will stream its championship series to the social network starting July 29, marking the first time you'll be able to watch eSports on the same site you use to excitedly rave about every game-winning headshot.

Photo: ELeague

Photo: ELeague

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semifinal action begins on July 29 at 5 p.m. ET, with a showdown between teams Fnatic and Navi. A second semifinal between Mousesports and Virtus Pro will follow at 10 p.m. The two winners will battle for the top prize on July 30 at 4 p.m. in a best-of-three match that should offer the tense moments and clutch plays that professional Counter-Strike is known for.

On top of watching the minute-by-minute action on Twitter, you can also follow the @EL Twitter account for highlights, GIFs and live Periscope player interviews.

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While you'll be able to catch all of the aforementioned showdowns on Twitter, it's not the only way to get your live Counter-Strike fix. All three matches will also be available to view on Twitch, and you can watch the Mousesports-Virtus Pro match as well as the Saturday championships live on TBS.

ELeague, which debuted earlier this year, is one of the first organizations to regularly bring professional gaming to prime-time broadcast television — which makes it all the more fitting that it's also the first company to take eSports to Twitter. The group's next big venture is the Overwatch Open, which will have some of the world's best teams battle for a $300,000 prize pool in Blizzard's popular new first-person shooter.

Even if you're not interested in eSports, this weekend's ELeague finals could serve as a good preview of what real-life sports broadcasts will look like on Twitter. The social network will broadcast 10 of the NFL's  Thursday Night Football games this season, starting with a interstate face-off between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills on Sept. 15.