Domino’s Now Using AI and Cameras to Make 'Perfect' Pizzas

Credit: Domino's Pizza

(Image credit: Domino's Pizza)

At last, an objectively good use for artificial intelligence! Domino’s Pizza has implemented a new AI-powered system to make sure that every pie is perfect (to the franchise’s standards, anyway).

According to Dominio’s Pizza Australia, its new DOM Pizza Checker is the “world’s first smart scanner” to check the quality of pizza before it gets delivered in Australia and New Zealand.

Nick Knight  — the company’s CEO in those two countries — says that the number one complaint from its customers is that pizzas don’t look the same as in advertising photos. “DOM Pizza Checker gives our customers the confidence that their pizza will look as it should — and if it doesn’t, we’ll make it right.”

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The device — developed with technology company Dragontail Systems — is pretty straightforward. A ceiling-mounted camera system points at the cut bench, the area where every pizza is cut and boxed for delivery.

An AI software trained with machine learning monitors the video feed, judging if each pizza is up to spec. Domino’s claims that it takes a picture of the pizza, recognizes the type, analyzes the distribution of toppings and cheese spread, and grades it. According to the company, the AI has been trained on a “large databank of awesome pizzas”.

Then, if the pizza passes the AI test, then it gives the OK for delivery. If not, the pizza gets rejected and a new one is made.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into consideration the number one enemy of evenly distributed toppings and cheese: delivery. If the driver accelerates suddenly on a curve or catches a big bump, good bye picture perfect pizza. Don’t worry, though: Domino’s pizza drones have you covered.

Note that the DOM Pizza Checker is only in Australiaa and New Zealand for now, but it may go worldwide.

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