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Delphi SkyFi Scramble

Introduction And Unit

The Delphi SkyFi3 unit is a bit larger than other XM radio receivers, measuring in at 4.33 inches tall and 2.44 inches long. These dimensions can be reversed, however, as the SkyFi3 has a display option that allows you to view the screen in either a horizontal or vertical fashion. I found this option useful, though I preferred the SkyFi3's horizontal display as it allowed the full title of the song to be displayed more easily.

At 2.8 inches, the screen size is just slightly smaller than that of a Zune, which was greatly appreciated since driving and squinting at a screen isn't always the safest choice. If you're blind as a bat - and probably shouldn't be driving anyway! - you can adjust the size of the text to a font resembling oversized block letters.

The SkyFi3 kit comes with two antennas: a magnetic one to receive XM content, and another one which slides down your main car antenna for FM radio transmission. If your car has auxiliary support, than you can skip the FM radio transmission step and simply plug your car into the SkyFi3 unit.

On the top left side of the unit is a microSD slot which supports up to 2 GB of expandable memory. I appreciated this feature, because although the unit also supports auxiliary input from other personal media players, it eliminated the hassle of fumbling with extra cords. If I was planning a short trip, I decided to simply load up my microSD card instead of using my iPod. I believe the real reason the expansion slot is there, though, is so that anyone interested in purchasing the Delphi "wearable kit" can use the radio as a media player for jogging - although the thought of jogging with such a large player never crossed my mind.

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