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Darth Watch Makes the Sith Proud

Sighted over at a watch that's reminiscent of a certain villain turned redeemed hero. The Darth Watch features a stainless steel construction and a 3-disc layout. Instead of hands, a series of rotating discs tell the time, with the correct numbers lining up with the bottom of the timepiece.

Beachgoers may also enjoy the watch's resistance to water up to 50 meters. The main unit is an angular 43.5 x 47.5 mm case, with a winding and time adjustment crown also made of stainless steel. The watch's movement is Japanese-style, kept in sync thanks to a quartz oscillator. Total weight is a relatively light 161 grams.

Band thickness is 22 mm, with a maximum length of 195 mm. Like any other adjustable watch, it's possible to remove segments of the Darth's band to create the perfect fit.

The design is clearly inspired by a certain Star Wars character, though the resemblance isn't obvious enough to make Lucasarts lawyers eagerly anticipate billings. The Darth Watch is available in three colors (black, "lazer blue" and "mirror and white"), and retails for £100 (nearly $150). It's currently out-of-stock at though, so eager buyers will have to do a little waiting.

Darth Mens Watch