Channel Master CM3000HD SMARTenna Review

Who's It For?

This antenna is for people who are hoping to get away with an indoor antenna setup, but are willing to mount one outside if necessary.

Design and Setup: Large model for inside and out

The ($60) SMARTenna isn't subtle, but it offers viewers the option of using the device indoors or out.

At 1.5 inches thick, this model isn't one that can just be stuck on the wall with pushpins. So the 13.4 x 11.3-inch antenna comes with screw-on feet for resting flat on a tabletop. There are also screws and brackets for mounting it permanently on a wall or outside on a pole mount.

We only tested the SMARTenna CM3000HD indoors, but if you are thinking of putting it outside, you'll probably need an additional cable to extend the included 12-foot mini cable's reach.

Performance: Reliable

Rated with a 35-mile radius for indoor installations, this antenna managed to pull in 14 channels with little trouble. The video was consistent if less crisp than that delivered by some other models.

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