Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Hands-On: Musical Masterpiece

BERLIN - Beyerdynamic has long been one of the leaders when it comes to excellence in audio, but its new DT 1770 Pro headphones kicks that tradition up an octave. At an estimated $599, it’s not cheap, but for audiophiles looking for superior closed back headphone performance, the money should be well worth it.

Based on upon its classic DT 770 reference cans, the 1770 brings improved audio, thanks to Beyerdynamic Tesla technology. The tech uses giant magnets to produce a high-density field, which allows for faster reactions from the voice coils and driver. The result: cleaner audio with much less distortion.

A close-up of the DT 1770 Pro's Tesla drivers

A close-up of the DT 1770 Pro's Tesla drivers

The stealthy matte black cans feature a baby-soft leather cushion in the headband and velvety velour cups, which should make wearing the 13.6-ounce 1770 Pros for long periods a time a complete non-issue. Even during my limited use on the Showstoppers floor at IFA, the super comfy fit made taking off the 1770’s a more difficult prospect than I imagined. 

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When I tested the headphones with a wide variety of music, from Eric Clapton to Bach, the 1770’s never stepped wrong once. The ambient noise reduction made the incredibly high dynamic range of these headphones shine, even with the ruckus going on in the background.

When I handed the headphones over to fellow Tom’s Guide writer Marshall Honorof, his reaction to the rich bass notes of Bach’s “Keyboard concerto in D minor” was like a shot in the dark. Even with his distaste for clichés, he said the DT 1770 Pros took the Bach’s soulful composition to new levels.

For the audiphiles out there, the DT 1770 Pros feature a nominal impedance of 250 ohms, a frequency response between 5 and 40,000 H, and max sound pressure level of 125 decibels. Included in the box is a 3-meter straight cord and a 5-meter coiled cord, which both feature a lockable mini-XLR connector.

Despite the $599 price tag, the DT 1770 Pros are actually the least expensive of Beyerdynamics three Tesla headphones. The open backed T1 and the AK T8iE cost a nearly ludicrous $1,100 and $999, respectively, making the 1770’s a relative bargain.

So for those of you who are hoping to get the DT 1770 Pro’s as a gift, at least you can frame it by asking for the cheapest Tesla-powered headphones. With quality like this, it’s definitely worth a try.

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