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BeeWi Smarthome Bulbs, Thermometers Launching in US

Beewi Smarthome

Beewi Smarthome

LAS VEGAS - Forgot to turn that light off when you left the house this morning? That’s no problem with the new Bluetooth-connected lightbulbs and electrical outlets from BeeWi.

The French-based company's new light bulbs, electrical outlets, motion sensors and home thermometers and barometers all debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Each accessory is relatively cheap, costing between $20 and $50. Already on sale in Europe and Canada, BeeWi’s smarthome accessories will hit the U.S. in two months.  

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All of BeeWi’s smart home products connect via Bluetooth to a hub device, which connects to the home network. Owners can then send commands to their BeeWi devices at any time via the BeeWi SmartPad app, for iOS, Android and Windows phone. All of BeeWi’s products can be managed from this one SmartPad interface.

Want to set your bedroom lights to wake you by slowly brightening in the morning? You can do just that with the BeeWi Smart Color Lights. Users can turn the lights on and off, set patterns and even change their colors from BeeWi’s SmartPad app for iOS, Android and Windows.

The BeeWi Smart Plug lets users turn just about any other home appliances on and off at any time. To use it, plug the Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, then plug your other appliances into the Smart Plug. You can use the SmartPad app to turn the Smart Plug on and off, thus turning the plugged-in appliances on and off.

The Smart Plug also has temperature and motion detectors, so you can set it to turn on or off when it senses someone in the room, or set it to turn on or off when the room reaches a certain temperature. If you use the Smart Plug with an air conditioner, for example, the Smart Plug could be programmed to turn the air conditioner off when the room drops to a certain temperature. BeeWi also has standalone temperature and humidity sensor, called the BeeWi Weather Station.

Also part of BeeWi’s smarthome collection is a motion sensor that can detect when a door or window has been opened. The sensor has two parts, one part for a door or window and the other part for the doorframe or window frame. When the entrances are closed, the two sensor parts are touching, but when they open, the sensors swing apart, and BeeWi registers the movement.

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