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Nearly 1 Million Apple Watch Orders Already Beats Android Wear

The Apple Watch flew off digital shelves this weekend, amassing close to 1 million pre-orders on the first day it went up for sale. The Apple Watch has already outsold every single Android Wear watch combined, trumping the collective 720,000 units sold throughout 2014 (reported by market research firm Canalys).

According to a report from e-commerce data firm Slice Intelligence, roughly 957,000 customers placed an order for Apple's debut wearable on April 10, with production expected to ramp up in the wake of the device's rapid sales.

Based on Slice's report, which factors in sales data from two million shoppers, 62 percent of Apple Watch buyers opted for the least-pricey Apple Watch Sport (starting at $349). The Black Sport Band was the overall most popular watch band for the wearable, with the fancier Milanese Loop band coming in a close second.

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Watch shoppers seemed to think bigger is better, with a whopping 71 percent of buyers choosing the 42 mm watch case over the smaller 38 mm version. Not everyone was content to buy just one Apple Watch, as Slice's data shows that an average of 1.3 watches were sold per customer.

According to a report from Reuters, Apple is expected to ramp up Apple Watch production in response to the high demand for the new wearable. Production is reportedly escalating between May and June, after the first wave of Apple Watch orders ship to customers starting April 24.

While it doesn't quite top the record 4 million that the iPhone 6 sold in one day, the Apple Watch's strong day-one sales show that plenty of folks have put their faith in the new smartwatch. The device received high praise for its attractive look and robust feature set, but some early reviewers complained about the learning curve and sluggish performance. Stay tuned for our in-depth review.

  • JamesSneed
    Maybe I'm just getting old but I just don't get the appeal of a smart watch. I just cant see using a smart watch in place of my smart phone and If I have a smart phone why in the world I would then supplement it with a smart watch. This is one of those fads that I will not be jumping on.
  • FlayerSlayer
    I'm not really surprised. Android Wear, Tizen, Pebble... other companies laid the groundwork and did the market testing for smartwatches, but haven't matured into a predicable standard. Getting any other smartwatch is still strictly for enthusiasts who do their research and bear with some shortcomings. Then Apple comes out with a more mature device, polished and integrated with the iPhone / MacOS family of devices and geared towards regular consumers, albeit at twice the price.

    A luxury item, designed for easy integration with the Apple product line, from a well know (and fanatic-creating) brand will always outsell enthusiast niche items in a fragmented market without unifying brand presence. It's got more to do with marketing and business than quality of the product in question.

    That said, it's a very nice watch. Just too expensive for my tastes. But price is largely the reason I'm not an Apple customer to begin with.
  • chicofehr
    When will the iSheep ever learn? The Apple Watch is the most useless thing Apple ever made. Even the iPad actually has some uses in some certain scenarios. This is just for bling and nothing else. If you want bling, just get a traditional self winding mechanical watch that you never have to upgrade.
  • agentbb007
    My brother pre-ordered one for himself and 2 of his kids. But nothing it does really makes me want to buy it. I don't use my phone enough to make it more convenient than just pulling out my phone. And I have some pretty nice watches I paid a lot of money for I would rather wear. But maybe once I see my brothers in person it will change my mind.
  • delaro
    In 6 month you will find half of what is sold on Ebay.
  • Dorian Kunch
    Maybe I'm just getting old but I just don't get the appeal of a smart watch. I just cant see using a smart watch in place of my smart phone and If I have a smart phone why in the world I would then supplement it with a smart watch. This is one of those fads that I will not be jumping on.

    James, you're getting old, happened to me too.

  • John Wittenberg
    Glad they are willing to beta test. I tried Samsung's first smart watch, and I am so glad that I ordered it from Amazon. It went back the very next day.
  • AIstudio
    I find it highly amusing that people just don’t see the use for these devices or somehow liken it to a replacement for their phone. IT ISN’T THAT.
    Let me explain......
    I have had several smart watches over the years and currently use the moto360. From my experience it will never replace your phone but it was never meant to be a replacement.
    I use mine a lot whilst in meetings or driving etc. What it does for me is to have the ability to see an incoming message or call and decide if it is important and i need to make my excuses to dive outside the meeting room for a quick phone call et. Whilst i am driving it means that i can keep upto date with emails and messages coming in without really taking my eyes of the road or having to delve about for my phone. A simple flick of the wrist and its there. On top of that i can just talk to the watch whilst driving and call someone without even taking a hand from the steering wheel.
    I also never miss a call anymore even when the phone is on silent as my watch lets me know with some gentle vibrations.
    All in all this type of device i find VERY useful!!!
    Just a few of my thoughts.......
  • Steveymoo
    Tired rhetoric. Tired rhetoric everywhere.
  • Vlad Rose
    Of course a 'cult' device will outsell other devices. Common sense...