Apple Builds One SIM Card to Rule Them All

While the iPad Air 2 and iMac with 5K Retina Display made big waves during Apple's Oct. 16 media event, the company quietly debuted one of its most interesting innovations off-stage. Buried in the official Web page for the iPad Air 2 is a section for the new "Apple SIM," which allows you to hop between carriers without having to swap out SIM cards.

Detailed in the wireless section of Apple's iPad Air 2 landing page, the new Apple SIM comes preinstalled with all Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the new tablet. The special SIM lets you choose a short-term plan from various carriers, which currently include AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S. and EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) in the U.K. 

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According to Apple, the Apple SIM may also let you utilize a data plan from a local carrier when you're abroad. The company hasn't made a big announcement about Apple SIM, which isn't even mentioned in the press materials for the iPad Air 2. There's no word on if the new tech will make its way to the iPhone, but being able to switch carriers at-will would be much more handy on a smartphone than on a tablet.

You'll be able to test out Apple SIM on the new iPad Air 2, which packs an even slimmer body than its predecessor while adding a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a faster A8X processor. You can pre-order the slate now, with orders shipping late next week.

Source: TechCrunch, Apple

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