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When To Expect Discounts For the New Macbook Pro

If you want the new Macbook Pro, but you are working with a budget, it may be worth paying attention to price trends and follow advice on when you can expect savings. It is unlikely that Apple will hand out a Groupon anytime soon, but DealNews says there are ways to save a few bucks.

According to the site, you can expect Macbook Pros to be available for $45 savings after just two days following their introduction if the new model follows the trend set by the previous 15-inch model. If you are patient for about three months you may be able to save about $300.

Here is the bad news: That discount forecast relates only to the plain Ivy Bridge Macbook Pro, and not to the fancy Retina Display version. Still, DealNews says that waiting a few days may be a good idea:

"In a sense, this is a first generation product for Apple and consumers will be able to make a more informed buying decision after reading the initial batch of reviews," DealNews' Louis Ramirez wrote. "And, more importantly, during that timeframe we could see a modest discount or two."

He also stressed that the common thought that "Apple products are never discounted is pure myth." Those who are willing to compromise on hardware would be able to now score a last-generation Macbook Pro with a huge discount.