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Apple Brand Value Tops $150 Billion

 Apple surged past Google, which dropped to second place with a value of $111.5 million, followed by IBM with $100.9 billion. Apple's value climbed an astonishing 84% from last year.

Among the Top 50 are also Microsoft ($78.2 billion) and ($37.6 billion), which surpassed Walmart as the world's leading retail brand. Facebook is listed for the first time with a value of $19.2 billion and value growth of 246% from last year. Millward Brown said that the world’s top 100 brands added about $500 billion in value since 2008 and climbed about 17% to a total of $2.4 trillion just last year. The fastest gaining product sectors were insurance (+137%), food (+22%), luxury (+19%) and technology (+18%).

There were plenty of brands in the tech sector that showed declining brand values, including HP (35%),Blackberry (-20%), Cisco (-2%), Intel (-2%), Nintendo (-37%), and Nokia (-28%).

Apple is the first brand to be valued at more than $150 billion by Millward Brown.