iPhone Falls Behind in Popularity

If a new survey released by Nielsen reflects the actual market environment, then we now know that 31% of potential smartphone buyers are eying an Android phone, while 30% want an iPhone. Six months ago, the iPhone was still ahead with 33% versus 26%. Other platforms follow at substantial distance and suffered loss of interest. Blackberry is down to 11%, Windows Phone down to 6% WebOS down to 1% and there is zero interest in Symbian.

Nielsen said that those numbers are translating into actual sales numbers. "Half of those surveyed in March 2011 who indicated they had purchased a smartphone in the past six months said they had chosen an Android device," Nielsen stated. "A quarter of recent acquirers said they bought an iPhone and 15% said they had picked a Blackberry phone."

Android now owns 50% of the smartphone market among recent smartphone buyers, according to Nielsen. Apple iOS is at 25%, followed by Blackberry with 15% and Windows Phone/Mobile with 7%. Android has about 37% of the overall Smartphone market, iOS about 27% and Blackberry about 22%. Microsoft is listed with 10%, which indicates that the company is still losing market share at a fast rate.

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  • pocketdrummer
    Windows Phone 7 isn't a bad OS, it's just on a crappy phone. They should have released a better system to show off their work if they wanted to take the market.
  • zulutech
    Well the iPhone was a nation-wide fad. It's popularity will die eventually. The technology is also falling behind other companies like HTC and Motorola too.
  • signu53
    still you have to think that the iphone represents one manufacturer while android represents many. So you can take that stat with a grain of salt.