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Bookmakers Give iPhone 5 Announcement 20:1 Payout

What you really want to do is bet your own money on your guess. Paddy Power is offering some options, but it is not the general "digital textbook" guess you want to bet on -- it is rated at a measly 1/6.

An iPad Lite announcement would hand you a 6/1 quote and an iPad 3 even 9/1. You could go for Apple's TV for 16/1, the iPhone 5 for 20/1, or, if you are among the big risk takers, an "Apple Robot Teacher" for 40/1. The company is also offering bets on the number of iPad releases this year - 16/1 for none, 10/11 for one release and 4/5 for two.

"Like all tech junkies I’m awaiting the latest Apple announcement with bated breath, it looks very likely that they’re on the verge of launching electronic textbooks, but I don’t think it’s beyond those geniuses at Apple to build a robot teacher," a spokesperson was quoted.

So, are you going to put your money where your mouth is?