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Apple's Customer Service Still Very Good, but Slipping

In 2010, 22 percent of Apple users said they experienced problems with the automated (IVR) portion of the tech support call. In 2011, the share went up to 39 percent. 13 percent said it was difficult to reach an agent in 2011 (up from 6 percent in 2010). 13 percent complained about unreasonable wait times (up from 5 percent), and only 54 percent of customers said that their issue was resolved (down from 64 percent in 2010).

However, Apple still leads the industry in call satisfaction with 54 percent of customers stating they were "very satisfied" with their experience in the second half of 2011. Only 44 percent of Dell customers and 49 percent of HP customers made a similar statement. A big advantage for Apple remains the fluent and unaccented English language skills of its support staff. Only 0.95 percent of people complained about language issues in Apple calls, while Dell's share was at 8.03 percent and HP's share at 10.20 percent.

Overall customer satisfaction remains higher among Apple users, 82 percent of whom said they would buy an Apple product again. Dell is at 60 percent and HP at 68 percent.