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Apple Could Announce AR Glasses By Mid-Year

Apple could be debuting its first augmented reality glasses as early as the middle of this year.

Apple Glass concept design. Credit: Tailosive Tech/YouTube

(Image credit: Apple Glass concept design. Credit: Tailosive Tech/YouTube)

Apple's glasses are expected to be announced at one of the company's already-planned events, possibly when it unveils its 10th anniversary iPhone, tech evangelist Robert Scoble said on This Week in Tech, citing unnamed sources. The glasses were previously expected in 2018.

According to Scoble, Apple has forged a partnership with Carl Zeiss, a company that manufactures camera lenses and medical technology and makes the Zeiss VR One Plus headset, notes Apple Insider. Last week, the site unearthed two patents that hint at how Apple will implement its AR technology.

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The long-awaited unveiling of Apple's AR glasses will follow the release of Google's ill-fated Google Glass, which was too expensive and limited in features for the masses. Snap's cheaper Spectacles have been more successful, but those shades mostly focus on recording video for easy sharing.

CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple is nvesting heavily in augmented reality, but as usual, we've heard little about the company's plans, much less an official timeline of an AR headset release.