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Sneaky App Brings Alexa to Apple Watch, But Will It Last?

Hey, Siri, you have company on the Apple Watch.

A new app called Voice in a Can is now available for $2, and it brings Alexa right to your wrist. However, the app can't do everything that Alexa can normally do on your Echo device.

As reported by The Verge, Voice in a Can doesn't need your phone to work, as it connects over Wi-Fi or LTE. All you need to do is enter your Amazon account info.

The app resides on the watch as a complication, so it's easy to launch right from the Apple Watch's home screen. This is how Voice in a Can presumably bypass Apple's restrictions around not allowing other voice assistants on the Apple Watch. Once you've set it up, you can activate Alexa by pressing an icon.

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With Voice in a Can, you can do things like control smart home devices and ask questions. However, as the developer of this third-party app admits, its functionality is somewhat limited. You can't stream music, nor does Voice in a Can support podcasts, audiobooks and some flash briefings.

Given how this app works and that it competes directly with Siri, you have to wonder whether Apple will continue to allow it to exist in the App Store. And if Apple keep Voice in a Can around, will it also allow third-party apps that let you summon Google Assistant?

This should be interesting to watch.

Mark Spoonauer

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