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Sony Ericsson's 'PlayStation Phone' Previewed

Not to be outdone by Gizmodo and the whole iPhone 4 scandal, Wednesday Engadget published a hands-on preview of Sony Ericsson's unannounced "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play (R800i). If anyone had any prior doubts that the gadget wasn't real, then the preview's extensive walkthrough of the hardware and software should prove it to be real and ready for the spotlight next month.

According to the hands-on, the Android 2.3-powered device has a 4-inch multitouch 854 x 480 LCD possibly powered by a Bravia engine for improved video playback. The site was unable to verify the actual processor used in the device. Instead, Quadrant and Android System Info was used to discover that it has a single-core CPU clocking from 122.88 MHz to 1 GHz, and is coupled with an Adreno 205 GPU.

"This combo, along with Gingerbread and the generous 512 MB of RAM, scored a chart-topping 1,689 on Quadrant and an impressive 59fps on Neocore," the site reports. "Other benchmark scores include: about 35 MFLOPS on Linpack, and around 43fps on NenaMark (tying with the Tegra 2-packing LG Star)."

Most of what Engadget covered in the preview are features we've seen for a while in prior reports including:

  • Four buttons at the at bottom of the screen for Home, Menu, Back and Search (not backlit surprisingly)
  • Left and right trigger buttons with a volume slider sitting in-between
  • Headphone jack and microUSB port on one side
  • Power button with mini-LED on top (vertical)
  • 5MP camera, LED flash and secondary microphone (possibly for noise cancellation) on the back
  • Stereo speakers (located under battery cover)
  • Slide-out gamepad

As for Gingerbread's performance, the screens scrolled left and right quickly and smoothly. The interface itself had a "PlayStation" feel in its overall presentation. On the Home screen, an icon at the bottom-left allowed the user to sort icons automatically by category whereas an icon located at the bottom-right allowed the user to move icons individually, mimicking Apple's iOS method of "shaky" icon placement.

Naturally the preview briefly showed the PlayStation Pocket app-- located on the Home screen-- which unsurprisingly didn't feature any games to demo. "Since we have little experience with the PSP Go, we asked a good friend of ours to compare his experience on our Xperia Play with his 50 to 100 hours of play time on his PSP Go," the preview reads. "Interestingly, one of his first reactions was that the phone is less well balanced than the bottom-heavy PSP Go, and then he noted that the shoulder buttons could do with more depth, but this would obviously require a thicker body.

"That said, we both agree that the Xperia Play is still comfortable to hold, and also it has a better build quality than the PSP Go," Engadget added. "We also noticed that the screen can be wiggled gently when closed (such phenomenon is commonly known as the "oreo effect" amongst Palm Pre users), but it's nothing major."

To check out the full hands-on preview of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play smartphone, head over to Engadget here.

  • masterasia
    Cool....Me Want
  • casperstouch
    So should I be looking out for the PsP phone, or the PsP2? Do they both have mobile capability? Why the two different devices?
  • Mikez
    The PSP2 is a $999.99 device, which, to me looks like a 3000. It may still use UMDs but I'm not sure. I know that it has WiFi and 3G capabilities. The PSP phone, is considerably cheaper (at least it should be, considering that it will be for the mobile phone market.) The iPhone was only, what? Maybe $400 when it first came out? Maybe cheaper. But still, If there is any phone that is more than $500, then it better have a pretty good App market and/or cheaper games. But, me personaly, would go with the PSP2. Might last longer.
  • rooket
    Yeah I agree with the above if it is anything like iPhone pricing you can expect some heavy service fees and the device costing upwards of $600.

    This device doesn't look like it has a ton of potential to me. They should stick with the PSP and PS3. It look them too long to come out with this device. It is too late.

    Nintendo 3DS is going to be the biggest thing of 2011 for all video gaming and the biggest thing for handheld devices period. Sony can't touch that system. I'm not a fanboy of either company but I know what the facts are. Maybe I am turning into a Nintendo fanboy though since the 3DS is so damn cool.
  • @mikez

    the PSP2 or NGP as it will probably be named does not have UMD, it going be using a proprietary flash card and any price north of 600 would be silly
  • hoofhearted
    They may be creating themselves a larger stalemate market with this move. Those who will wait to see which one takes off as far a game content development.
  • mayankleoboy1
    for kids only
  • itchyisvegeta
    If it is under 200, I will probably buy one for my next phone, since it runs Android. My friend has the Droid 2, and I like it alot better than my iPhone.

    The fact that it has a controller layout screams emulation all over it!
  • cknobman
    The site was unable to verify the actual processor used in the device. Instead, Quadrant and Android System Info was used to discover that it has a single-core CPU clocking from 122.88 MHz to 1 GHz, and is coupled with an Adreno 205 GPU.

    If those specs are accurate than I doubt this will be much of an actual "gaming" device. I have an Evo with the same specs and I can definitely say it gets "choppy" when playing games.
  • Mikez

    Well, I would still not buy it. Mostly because if I already have the games on UMD, why the hell would I buy tham again? It seems pointless and a get-rich-quick scheme for Sony.