WODE Jukebox Adds Homebrew to Your Wii

Gamers wanting to break free of Nintendo restrictions on the Wii console can now modify the unit without having to rip out its guts and solder on new hardware. Called the WODE Jukebox (Wii Optical Drive Emulator), this device actually serves as a Wii stand, and hooks up between the console's optical drive and the motherboard. With that said, users will need to modify the ribbon cable layout at the very least.

Ultimately, the device serves as a virtual drive, allowing the user to mount ISO files and trick the console into thinking its playing retail disks. The WODe Jukebox also provides two ports: one USB port for a flash drive or external hard drive (8X read speeds), and a SD card for more storage options. Already have games burned to a disc? The Flat WODE option allows the optical drive to read these homebrew disks, mimicking other modification chips.

In addition to the two ports, the device provides a small LCD screen and a miniature joystick for easy file management. For those gamers who don't want to get up off the couch and scroll through the homebrew titles, the device also offers an on-screen menu that can be managed by a GameCube controller.

ShopTemp is currently selling the WODE Jukebox for $95.00 USD here. The device works on Wii firmware 4.1 and lower, provides an update blocker and autoboot function, and even supports disc ripping to WBFS for backing up your favorite games. Additionally, the USB port supports hubs, allowing for more than one storage device.

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