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Plug Computers: Access Your Data from Anywhere


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We discovered how you can create your own private cloud with Plug Computers, and reviewed two different models. We also discussed several other types of devices that can help you access and share your files via the Internet.

Before purchasing anything, first check if your network router has a USB port. If it does indeed have a USB port, then it likely supports printer sharing and/or network storage (most new router support both, whereas older models might only support one or the other). If not, you might consider a Plug Computer if you already have external drives. Plug Computers are probably your weapon of choice if you’re a Linux enthusiast, too. Otherwise, it’s probably cheaper just to go with a network drive that comes loaded with storage space.

If you do go the Plug Computer route, you should strongly consider the two products that we reviewed, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The TonidoPlug has tons of features and works offline, but it also lacks WiFi, multiple USB ports and official printer support. The PogoPlug has four USB ports, WiFi, and out-of-the-box printer support, but it’s also a more simple devie with limited functionality.