Tokyoflash's Domino FX: A Puzzling Way to Tell Time

Nowadays it seems as though watches are worn more for their aesthetic value rather than their convenience in telling time. At least that's one way to explain the madness behind Tokyoflash's baffling watch concepts. Take the Domino FX for example: without an explanation on how to read the watch, you could find yourself furiously scratching your head for answers. Lloyd, the watch's designer says:

"This watch design is based on one of my puzzle ideas and, although it looks baffling initially, is actually incredibly easy to understand. It is called “Domino FX” because of the 4 domino-like figures in the display. However, these are not really dominoes, but digital 8s with up to 7 spots arranged inside each.

Up to 3 spots may appear in the top half and up to 4 in the bottom half. These spots indicate which, if any, of the 7 straight lines that make up each 8 must be omitted to make the time or date visible. You know when a line must be omitted because a spot appears right next to it."

Even after reading the explanation you could find yourself a little bit lost, but believe it or not the idea behind the Domino FX watch is deceivingly simple. The trick is to not consider the rectangles dominoes at all and instead to look at them like typical digital 8s made up of 7 individual lines. Each dot represents an adjacent line that would be removed in the traditional digital 8 format.We're definitely big fans of the ingenuity of the community over at Tokyoflash. Those folks really know how to make looking at the time an interesting task. For more bizarre, hard to read and awesome watch concepts and creations, head on over to Tokyoflash's blog here.

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