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Apple iPad Coming to Target, 2G Version in Q4

Sunday brought rumors that the Apple iPad could be available in Target stores here in the States on October 3. While there were no specific "sightings," snapshots of Target PDAs reveal unnamed items that will come in six different versions. The six devices also share the exact same iPad price points seen on the Apple store, and will be located in the Digital Audio section--the same area where Target stores the Kindle, iPod Touch and other gadgets.

There's also talk that the second generation of iPad tablets will begin hitting stores in Q4 2010. Unlike the Target rumor, this seems somewhat unlikely. The original iPad was revealed in January and followed up with an April release. As the past dictates, Apple seemingly doesn't release a revised model until its officially revealed at a press conference. If anything, the next iPad--dubbed 2G for second generation--won't be seen until January 2011 for an April 2011 release.

Nonetheless, the new version is slated to receive the much-needed front and back facing cameras to support Face Time. Apple may also increase the amount of internal memory and incorporate a display with a higher resolution. But as it stands, the current rumor indicates that a 7-inch version will hit stores just in time for Christmas whereas a 9.7-inch version will be released in April 2011.

For users of the original iPad, recent reports also indicate that an external camera for Face Time may be on its way, hitting store shelves just in time for the holidays.