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Designer Turns Old Book Into Synthesizer

Although we aren't big fans of the destruction of books, we have to make an exception for Gwydion ap Dafydd's hardcover copy of Mary Hahn's Praktisches Kockbuch (Practical Cookbook). Konkreet Labs' Gwydion purchased and assembled a MeeBlip Digital Synthesizer but was in need of a case for the device. That's when he came up with the great idea to hollow out one of his old books to use for the case.

Although the 1950s cookbook was initially intended for a trial run, the end result was too good to give up. Of course the page for the synthesizer had to be perfect, and Gwydion certainly chose the correct one, seeing as how the red LED power indicator fits perfectly into the eyeball of a pig. Check out the video below to see the synthesizer in action using Konkreet Labs' Performer app for the iPad.