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Sudoku Watch Concept for the Puzzle Lovers

Over the years since its inception in the 80s, Sudoku has popularized itself around the globe as an iconic simple yet challenging number puzzle game. While some may be exceptionally gifted at solving the puzzles, others may find themselves lost and confused when looking at the boxes. For the latter, we certainly wouldn't suggest the Tokyoflash Kisai Sudoku Watch.

Interestingly enough, one designer has taken the idea of the brain bending Sudoku puzzle and placed it on a timepiece. The time is actually the missing numbers in the puzzle, allowing users to stimulate their brain during the day at any given time. The puzzle itself is displayed in 6 characters, allowing 6 different blank characters be used to display the time (two for hours, two for minutes, and two for seconds). 

Solving it from left to right enables the user to see the time. Although it is a little inefficient to need to solve a puzzle to view the time when you’re in a jam and just want to know what time it is, the watch itself does sport a feature to simply display the numbers in the puzzle to give you the time—making it still useful as a watch in a pinch. The only problem with the design of course is the fact that the puzzle must change every second along with the time. We aren't too sure about you guys but solving a sudoku puzzle in less than a second sounds like a daunting task.