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Steve Ballmer Gets Egged In Hungary

Speaking at a University in Hungary, the Microsoft CEO fell victim to some less than eggceptional projectiles from a man in the lecture hall. Just as Steve was getting started, the man stood up and shouted, “Give back the money of the taxpayers, right now” and fired three eggs at Ballmer, the first hitting the white board behind him. Ballmer hit the dirt and the other two whizzed past, completely missing their intended target.

According to Gizmodo, the protest stems from deals Microsoft has with the Hungarian government with regard to licences for its software. Universities seemingly pay less for campus-licences than what the Average Joe would pay in the store, however it means that all university machines run Window’s rather Linux or similar. What we can’t quite figure out is why the young man seems to think discounted prices are costing the taxpayer more.

Then again we also can’t quite figure out how he managed to miss with three shots just a few rows from the front.

The perpetrator left the room after the attack sporting a shirt that had “Microsoft = Corruption” printed on the back, which begs the question why someone wearing such a garment was not being kept an eye on by security.

Once Steve Ballmer had picked himself up from behind the podium he’d been using for cover, he joked,

“It was a friendly disruption”

[insert Hungary/hungry/food/ joke here]

Gizmodo video: Steve Ballmer gets egged

  • Me thinks ol' Ballmer has a new persona, Dr. Eggman!
  • Pei-chen
    Just goes to proof that people growing up without Windows lack critical thinking and motor skill.
  • If you can't figure out why discounted microsoft software cost taxpayers more than free linux software, it is a good thing you didn't go into accounting.

    Study up on the difference between zero and greater than zero, than study up on how microsoft tries to kill competition by discounting its software when threaten with users installing linux, take a look at the eee pc from Asus, as recent example of Microsofts proven monopoly practices. Sometimes it takes a man with an egg to make you realize the obvious, since it hasn't sunk in before this happened.

    The man accomplished what you or I cannot, and that is getting people to discuss how Microsoft has us over a barrel and intends to keep feeding us buggy overpriced software and destroying all competitors.

    Hard to beleive 3 eggs can get you all that, I wonder what he could do with a full dozen?