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Brothers Stab Each Other Over PS2 Game

You just have to wonder what the world is coming to when two grown adults stab each other over a  PlayStation 2 game

Last week, a report coming out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin claims that two brothers, both in their 30's, are looking at assault charges based on an incident filed Sunday, December 21. According to the Waukesha police, the brothers got into an argument over whose turn it was to play a PlayStation 2 game. Although the injuries were not life threatening, this incident just adds fuel to the fire in the eyes of politicians and other anti-game protestors wanting console and PC games removed from the consumer market.

The Waukesha Police said that the argument quickly turned from an argument into an all-out brawl. One brother thus began to choke the other until the offended brother whipped out a knife and began to cut the assailant brother's hands. Enraged even more, the assailant grabbed the knife and stabbed his brother in the chest. His hands bloodied, the assailant brother fled the scene. He later turned up at the hospital with severely frostbitten fingers.

The police did not specify what game actually sparked the brotherly slaughter (although the incident resembles a typical stage found in Mortal Kombat titles).

Recently another game-related incident went to court involving a teen shooting his parents over Halo 3, killing his mother and severely wounding his father (story). The shooting wasn't an accident either: after they took away the game, the shooter retrieved the gun and the game from his father's closet, went down to the living room where they lounged on the couch, and told them to close their eyes so he could give them "a surprise."

Games and violence are hot topics with politicians and parents alike. While the ESRB has a system in place to help parents filter through the various game styles available on the market, the overall conflict between the good and the bad aspects of gaming will always exist while game-related incidents take place. Of course, publishers and developers sneaking in adult-oriented content into rated titles doesn't help the situation.

But when two grown men fight over whose turn it is to play, one must wonder if gaming is taken too far at that point, that it eventually becomes an addiction and becomes integrated into the gamer's perception of reality. Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining, however many current titles feel more like simulators rather than something enjoyable to pass the time.