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Sony Patents Universal Game Controller

Up until now, universal remote controllers haven't been very notable. Most commonly produced for people who often lose track of their remote, universal controllers are a  useful but boring affair. That is, until learn about Sony's plans for an LCD-equipped universal controller for consoles.

Sony's USPTO application covers a controller that features a touchscreen LCD that would display a controller key layout of the users choice. In the patent application Sony talks of a PlayStation layout, a Nintendo game console layout, and an Xbox layout, meaning the controller would work with outside consoles.

It seems like something a lot of people would be really into, but then again, many could be completely against the touchscreen aspect of things. Since the advent of touchscreen phones, a lot of people have discovered that they just can't do without physical buttons.

Would you like a controller like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the patent filing here.