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Sony: PS3 Getting 3D in Fiscal 2010

While today PlayStation 3 gamers are busy downloading the new firmware update that provides a little console-based Facebook action (the PSP update installs the new comic book reader), Sony already has big plans for a future console firmware update. In fact, Sony wants to have 3D support embedded in the PlayStation 3's firmware in fiscal year 2010 (ending March 31, 2011).

According to (via, the company revealed this morning its plans to have 3D games available by the time 3D-capable televisions hit the market next year. And because the technology resides in the firmware and not in a completely new console, current owners can enjoy 3D games immediately.

The news of Sony's 3D plans stem from this morning's presentation to investors as seen here in this PDF file. The report, talking about the company as a whole, details plans to provide 3D-specific tools to PS3 developers. The company also plans to implement 3D into its Blu-ray players, high-definition televisions, and to install 3,000 3D theater projectors in cinemas by the end of 2010.

Currently it's unknown if Sony plans to release game patches that will enable 3D in current games when the firmware finally invades PlayStation 3 consoles. Like Microsoft's Natal, that may be a coding nightmare.

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