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Sony Boasts Great Sales of PS3 Slim

Were there a lot of you waiting for a cheaper, slimmer PlayStation 3 before picking one up? Yes, apparently there were about a million of you so over the last few weeks.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. revealed that retail sales of its new PS3 Slim achieved a total of one million units (well, according to Sony's best "estimates") worldwide in the three weeks since its launch in September.

The reason for the surge in sales is easy to explain. First of all, Sony dropped the price of the PS3 by $100 – down from $399 to $299. At the same time, it also introduced an all-new design of the console that is 32 percent smaller and bumps the hard disk drive capacity from 80 GB to 120 GB. Consumers buying the new PS3 Slim were getting more for less money, making it an easy sell for Sony.

Sony also cited that the reduction of power consumption (by 34 percent) and fan noise as other strong incentives. Most interesting, however, was Sony's feeling that the PS3 Slim has a more "casual appearance," making it more attractive to casual gamers.