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Samsung Hits Out at Apple with Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl is a place where top NFL teams meet to battle it out for the championship title. However, it's also a place for advertisers to access millions of consumers. As such, commercials aired during the Super Bowl are often pretty crazy and a lot of people watch the game just for the ads (and the snacks). Certain tech companies never fail to produce a Super Bowl ad (GoDaddy, for example), and this year Samsung joined the ranks of tech companies at the Super Bowl. So what did Samsung choose to advertise with this prime time spot?

The Galaxy Note is featured front and center but what has most people talking is the fact that Samsung brought along the Apple mockery we've seen in some of the company's more recent ads, too. for one. The commercial shows the usual queue of Apple fans awaiting the launch of Cupertino's latest product and missing the big game as a result. A pedestrian happens past with a Galaxy Note, complete with stylus input, and grabs the attention of the gaggle of Apple fans.

At this point, the commercial goes in a different direction than the previous Apple fan ads we've seen from Sammy. Instead of leaving those in line with mouths agape in awe of the rival device, this ad sees numerous Galaxy Notes fly through the air, and land in the hands of Apple fanboys and fangirls. This frees those waiting from the line (and they instantly cheer up, dropping the sad faces and frowns), allowing them to take part in an all-singing, all-dancing street party to the tune of 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by the Darkness.

Perhaps the most cutting part about the whole commercial is the tagline, which alludes to Steve Jobs' 'next big thing.'

"The next big thing is already here. Again."


Check out the ad for yourself. Do you think Samsung is acting a little immature in these commercials, or do you think this is Apple's just deserts after the long-running "I'm a Mac" campaign? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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